Childcare is a critical experience for every child. Childcare is a time when the child is beginning to learn about the world, in earnest, and experience self-confidence as well as learn to play well with others. Our teachers and staff adore the youngest among us and cherish the opportunity to start at the very beginning of a little one’s learning experience.

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Childcare in Fremont, Danville, and Dublin California.Our child care program is –

  • More than just Child care: We set the foundation for a love of learning, where age-appropriate.
  • STEM-focused. In age-appropriate ways, we introduce the most basic learning concepts. Our goal throughout the child’s education is to set a foundation for lifetime learning including the basic foundation.
  • Convenient Hours: our childcare hours are early and late, convenient for busy parents in and around the I-680 corridor and Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and Concord. Check with our staff for current hours by location.
  • Convenient Locations: our Childcare program is in Pleasant Hill, California and convenient to nearby communities such as Concord or Walnut Creek, California.
  • Step-by-step Program: our Childcare program leads easily into our best-in-class preschool and kindergarten programs.

If you’re curious about finding a top-rated child care center, or just looking for the best childcare in Pleasant Hill, Concord, or Walnut Creek, your first step should be a school tour. Contact our helpful staff today for a school tour by appointment. We’re proud and excited to showcase our childcare program, long considered one of the best childcare methodologies for burgeoning youngsters.

Child Care That is More than Child Care

Unlike many “in home” child care programs, our programs will allow your child to do more than just play with blocks and draw pictures. Of course, those activities are important. However, we want to focus on your child’s brain development while encouraging them to complete those activities.

We focus on many different subjects similar to ones your child will learn when they enroll in school in a year or so. Our subjects include:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language
  • Visual Arts
  • Movement
  • Physical Arts

Using the Montessori method in combination with best-in-class childcare, each of our subjects allow your child to learn off of flash cards, teach them new vocabulary, play with puzzles, and learn to read. If that sounds like something you want your child to be involved in, send them to Learn and Play Montessori School!

A Best-in-class Childcare Program for Your Child

Here at Play and Learn School, our main goals are based on helping your child improve their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills. We believe that it’s important for your child to learn to work with others, but we want them to be able to learn at their own pace. Learning comes differently for many people, so we know the way things are taught shouldn’t all be the same. Our goal is to be not only the best childcare program in Pleasant Hill but also to service the nearby communities of Concord and Walnut Creek, California.

Questions and Answers About Childcare

Q. What is the Definition of Child care?

A. Child care generally refers to young children, from about 18 months to 2 years old. Most are “potty trained” and are ready for basic socialization with staff, teachers, and fellow students. There is also a definition that usually means parents are in need of childcare services so that they can return to work. This is especially true in the busy Bay Area, as in communities such as Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Concord and other “technology” focused communities.

Q. What Expenses are Relevant to Child Care?

A. In some cases, child care expenses can be tax deductible. Of course, we are not tax advisors, so you should check with your tax advisor, CPA, or tax service. We do provide all necessary government-required paperwork, which you can give to your tax provider.

Q. Does California have Free Child Care?

A. In some circumstances, California does provide free child care for low income parents and families. Our private programs, however, offer best-in-class programs, extended hours, and other services that are far superior to what is available via public institutions. Note that for older children, we do offer “after school” programs in some locations that mesh with public schools.

Q. When is Child Care appropriate?

A. Our method is all about empowering the child to be independent and focused on his or her learning experience. Our mentors believed that children have an innate desire to explore and learn. We see this on a daily basis in our child care programs. Throughout, we encourage the child to explore and learn. Our teachers and staff are attentive to the child’s attitude and seek to nurture a “passion for learning.” Where possible, we introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts at age-appropriate ways.

Reasons to Choose the Best Childcare Center for Your Child

Putting a child in a top-rated childcare center (like ours in Pleasant Hill, California) has numerous benefits that extend beyond just the parent’s convenience. These benefits can have a significant impact on the child’s development and well-being. Here are five important reasons why putting a child in a top-rated childcare center is advantageous not just to the parent but to the child as well.

Quality education and socialization: A top-rated childcare center will have a curriculum that focuses on the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our childcare staff is trained to provide age-appropriate activities and opportunities for the child to interact with peers.

Consistency and routine: Young children thrive on routine and consistency, and top-rated childcare centers provide just that. A regular routine helps children feel safe and secure, which leads to better behavior and overall well-being.

Exposure to diversity: A top-rated childcare center has a diverse student population, which exposes children to different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. This exposure helps children develop empathy and understanding, which are critical in today’s globalized world.

Physical and mental health: A best-in-class childcare center will have programs and policies that promote physical activity, healthy eating, and mental health. Kids at our Pleasant Hill childcare center will get lots of physical activity!

Professionalism and accountability: A top-rated childcare center has well-trained staff who are accountable for their actions. This professionalism ensures that the child receives quality care and that any issues are addressed promptly and appropriately.

If we sound like a good fit for your child and family, please reach out to us for a school tour. Our location in Pleasant Hill is convenient as well to Concord and Walnut Creek.

A Factoid Abut Childcare (Piaget)

The legacy of Jean Piaget to the world of early childhood education is that he fundamentally altered the view of how a child learns. And a teacher, he believed, was more than a transmitter of knowledge she was also an essential observer and guide to helping children build their own knowledge.

As a university graduate, Swiss-born Piaget got a routine job in Paris standardizing Binet-Simon IQ tests, where the emphasis was on children getting the right answers. Piaget observed that many children of the same ages gave the same kinds of incorrect answers. What could be learned from this?

Piaget interviewed many hundreds of children and concluded that children who are allowed to make mistakes often go on to discover their errors and correct them, or find new solutions. In this process, children build their own way of learning. From children’s errors, teachers can obtain insights into the child’s view of the world and can tell where guidance is needed. They can provide appropriate materials, ask encouraging questions, and allow the child to construct his own knowledge.